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Project Description
Intuitive GUI for editing parameters and options of Robocopy.

  • Use a property grid to present all parameters and options.
  • Provide a text editor to edit command line directly, and any change to the arguments in the text may be reflected back to the property grid, and vice-versa.
  • Display immediate hints to an option highlighted in the property grid or in the text editor.
  • Test-run the robocopy command line without opening Windows' command prompt.
  • Support rules of inclusion, exclusion and combination among options as defined by Robocopy's user manual.

Better Robocopy GUI had be surpassed by Command Line GUI which is a fork. The primary plugin makes Command Line GUI reassemble the functionality of Better Robocopy GUI.

If you as a developer would like to write command line programs in .NET, you may use the built-in parser to parse command line arguments. The Core API is compatible with Plossum API for parsing command line arguments including fixed parameters and options.

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